BLOCS Reports

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Weikart Center 2019-20 Special Report

This report takes into account the disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic and looks at longitudinal data across the past three years, finding statistically significant relationships between PQA and SRYB scales for the first time.

BLOCS 5-Year Impact Report

This report outlines quality improvement data and youth outcomes data from 2014-2019 for all program sites in the BLOCS network.

Weikart 5-Year Comprehensive Report

The 2019 evaluation report summarizes key trends in program quality and SEL outcomes for the past five years of YPQI engagement.

BLOCS 2018 Data Report

This report outlines quality improvement data and youth outcomes data from 2014-2018 for all program sites in the BLOCS network.

Weikart 2018 Comprehensive Report

This paper describes the results from implementing a quality improvement system in 77 youth development program sites around Louisville, Kentucky.

Communications Brief for the Weikart 2018 Comprehensive Report

This brief is a quick four-page summary of the 2017-2018 Weikart findings.

BLOCS 2017 Data Report

This report outlines quality improvement data and youth outcomes data from 2014-2017 for all program sites in the BLOCS network.

BLOCS Virtual Programming and Distance Learning Resources

Find rubrics and resources you can use to help provide quality youth programming in virtual settings

More OST Resources & Information

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Resources for OST Programs

BLOCS 2020 Virtual Activity Quality Checklist


BLOCS 2020 Virtual PQA Checklist


Staff Rating of Youth Behavior

SRYB Passive Consent Form


SRYB Observation Tool PDF


Growing Together, Learning Together: July 2015
This report details the four elements that current evidence and experience suggest are essential to a successful afterschool system.



General OST Research

The Value of Out-of-School Time Programs: A RAND analysis finds that out-of-school-time programs are generally effective at producing the outcomes that would be expected by their content and design.


Hours of Opportunity: Lessons from Five Cities on Building Systems to Improve After-School, Summer, and Other Out-of-School-Time Programs (Volumes I, II and III): A major RAND report finds both promise and challenges in a citywide approach to improving the quality and availability of afterschool programs.


A Summary of Three Studies Exploring the Relationship between Afterschool Program Quality and Youth  Outcomes Conference Paper Presented at the 2014 Ready by 21 National Meeting – Northern Kentucky


Effective afterschool programs bring a wide range of benefits to youth, families and communities.



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